A Simple Secret To Burn Fat Effectively

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Want to find out about a secret that may just help you burn unwanted body fat? Knowing how to mix foods correctly is a crucial element of weight loss. Knowing which foods can be consumed at the same time is the essence of this weight loss approach. When you eat congruous foods at the same meal, your digestive system is able to do its task the right way. Let’s take a look at the rules for right food combining.

You can divide foods into one of four kinds based on their digestive characteristics. Carbohydrates, proteins, fruits, and non-starchy vegetables make up the four groups. Fish, meat, dairy, soya, and nuts are the important protein foods. Starchy vegetable like potatoes, cereals like rice and oats, baked food items like bread and cake, and also pasta are all included under carbs. Salad ingredients form the non-starchy vegetable class, in addition to herbs and a handful of seeds.

Making matters a bit more complex, you have to learn to distinguish between four types of fruits: sweet, acidic, sub-acidic and melons. Sugar rich or sweet fruits are dehydrated fruits, figs, dates, and bananas. Citrus fruits and pineapples are the main acidic fruits. Fruits like peaches, apples, plums, and berries belong in the sub-acidic fruits. Of course, it’s easy to guess what to include under melons; watermelon, honeydew melon, sweet melon, and other varieties.

Each types of food is digested by various chemicals in the stomach. Whereas an alkaline condition is required in order to completely break down sugars, for instance, an acidic condition is needed by proteins. Combining the two in one meal produces a tension on the digestion. Digestive problems could be induced by this undesirable habit. This is why a lot of people are suffering from acid reflux, for instance, or even mucous colitis.

If you adhere to these tips, you’ll feel a lot better after eating. Eat either carbohydrates or foods high in protein at each meal, never simultaneously. Non-starchy veggies go well with both, so they can be a standard addition to almost all of your meals.

Fruits are best consumed alone. You can combine sub-acid fruits with either sweet-tasting or sour fruits. Don’t eat any other fruit with melons.

Majority of the people aren’t aware that proteins, carbs, and fruits all require different time intervals prior to digestion is finished. It takes 2 hours to digest carbohydrates, up to four hours to digest foods high in protein. This is important so you don’t eat a contradictory type of food shortly after your previous meal.

Start to make changes in your diet slowly, as you become used to these new ways of eating food. When you’re committed to better health and losing weight, you’ll see that these rules extremely helpful.


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